How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide)

Are you wondering how to start a blog in 2021 and make money online? Or, have you been thinking about it but you don’t know how to start your blog in 2021? If you properly want to start a blog, then I put together this easy to follow guide about the best way best to get started blogging in 2021 and make money as a beginner.

I’ve made this simple step-by-step guide for beginners who are looking to launch their blog and start running it as a business.

Blogging is changing my life and I am earning good money per month from my 8 blogs doing something I love. Bloggers in earn money via multiple ways including display ads, affiliate marketing, selling your own products/services and partnerships.

How to Start a Blog that makes money in 2021

Today, it is really easy to start a blog for just a few dollars. All my websites are hosted on Bluehost, and if you start your blog using the link below, you will be able to start a blog for very inexpensive.

Go here in order to start a blog on WordPress, then make good use of the tutorial below to find the easy instructions and get your blog up and ready.

Additionally, I will show you videos of the right plugins to install and the methods I use to make money with my blog.

Starting a blog is easy but making big money from your blog takes a great deal of work, however, the payoff can be probably the largest if you do it the right way.

The best thing about blogging is that it is one of the most passive ways to make money online. There are a lot of successful bloggers who make money, and some even earn their full-time income from blogs.

If you are trying to start a WordPress blog for very cheap, I suggest choosing Bluehost for the hosting. Bluehost is in my opinion the BEST hosting and I personally have had a wonderful experience hosting all my 8 websites.

Their customer service is up 24h/7 days and has helped me with countless issues. 

How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide) 1

Summary Steps to follow when you start a blog:

1. Pick a niche of what you want to blog about (e.g., finance, health & fitness, camping, home furniture etc…).

2. Pick a host.

3. Pick your blogging platform (I always suggest WordPress).

4. Find your domain name & create your WordPress blog.

5. Design your website with a beautiful theme (I recommend OceanWP).

6. Start writing unique and quality blog posts and monetize your site!


Why Start a Blog

Man typing on laptop in kitchen while drinking from mug 

I started my first blog three years ago while I was working full-time for a powerful organization. Currently, it’s not a full-time occupation but in a few months or next year, I will earn enough money to probably just focus on that.

The benefit of making money while blogging full-time is that it gives you a flexible schedule. You can travel as much as you want and you will just need your laptop and an internet connection to get work done.

How much you can make? You can make as much as you want. Many bloggers earn $100,000/month. It all depends on the effort and patience you have.

You can start a blog for multiple reasons:

  1. Pay off your car and avoid car payments.
  2. Quit your 9 to 5 job and become independent.
  3. Make enough money to take care of your mom or your family.
  4. Get noticed and partner with companies around the world.
  5. Pay off thousands of dollars of student debt like me and have enough left to take care of yourself.
  6. Build skills to separate yourself from the competition when looking for a job. etc…

Why Do I pick Bluehost?

How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide) 2  

With their system tailormade for WordPress, you can create any type of website. In fact, they power more than two million websites.

It’s as simple as:

  • Register
  • Choose your domain
  • Use the one-click setup WordPress
  • Install a theme
  • choose your niche and ideas to write
  • Populate your website with articles.

They have a 99.99% uptime, super high, which makes them an incredibly reliable choice; your site speed will not be a problem.

How To Set Up Your Blog or Website on Bluehost

Here is a summary of things you can do save a lot while starting with Bluehost:

  • Click here to access and click Get Started
  • Select the plan you desire ($2.95/month will be lowest priced )
  • Either enter a new domain name or the one you already have.
  • Enter your account info, accounts plan, and card details.
  • Just uncheck the Add Ons Sitelock Security along with Codeguard Basic
  • Click Submit and you are all good to go!
  • I suggest that you begin with their Basic Plan for $2.95per month (63% off their normal price using the link below).
  • Pick the 36 months (3 years) that will save huge money.
  • Complete purchase at checkout: $106.20
  • You Save: $181.44

Get Started with Bluehost

1. Go to the Bluehost website and select your plan

If you are just starting, you really only need the $3.95 a month option but the $5.95 gives you so many more options (e.g., creating unlimited free subdomains or free websites) for just two dollars more. 


Try Bluehost

2. Click the “Get Started” button and select a plan

I suggest any plan that gives you “UNLIMITED DOMAINS” as you can create as many websites for different niches for free.

How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide) 4


Anybody can earn money with a blog, also I managed to make the money back I paid for blog hosting quickly via monetizing my website.

Bluehost is among the best web hosting businesses in 2020. It’s cheap and you may save yourself a great deal of money in the long-term.

It’s exceptionally inexpensive with Bluehost and you receive a completely free domain name for your first year with them.

3. Choose a Smart blog name/domain

how to start ablog with bluehost 2

Your domain name is your identity, and you should be careful in choosing a domain name. If you don’t have a domain name, enter a unique domain name on the box “Create a new domain”.

For example, this one is called “” whose meaning is “The Millionaire Mentors for Success”.

Here is what you should think about when picking your domain:

  1. It should be short (e.g.,,,
  2. Catchy, simple and memorable 
  3. It has to mean something to readers and has to be shareable.

If you cannot pick right away, do not worry, sit down, and think carefully. You can click on “I’ll create my domain later”.

If you have a domain name already, just insert it into “Use a domain of your own” and continue.

4. Enter your account information and Click on Submit

How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide) 5

Then make sure to select the 12 or 24 months options and activate domain privacy.

how to start a blog with bluehost 4


If you do not select domain privacy, your email will be public and you will receive spam emails.

After you are done, enter your Payment info and click “Submit”.

how to start a blog with bluehost 5


5. Create a password.

After you click on submit, you will be prompted for upgrades and new deals. You don’t have to accept them.

NOTE: Once you complete the purchase, you will need to pick a password that you will remember since this will allow you to log into your account.


6. Design your website.

I love designing websites, and my favorite theme is OceanWP.

First login into your account using the password created.

bluehost login


Next Step is to click on “My Sites”

bluehost dashboard

Then click on “Create Site”

how to start a blog with bluehost 9

Bluehost has changed the platform and allows you to use WordPress to design or another platform. Just choose WordPress.

how to start a blog with bluehost 10

Then give your blog a name and a tagline.

how to start a blog with bluehost 11

Select the domain where you want to install WordPress and click “Next” and WordPress will be installed on the website.

how to start a blog with bluehost 12

After that, log in to your WordPress dashboard and that’s it for setting up your blog!

After login in and installing the OceanWp Theme and the necessary plugins, you can “Publish your blog Live”.

Congratulations! You officially have a blog up and ready to make money!

As mentioned above, my favorite theme is OceanWP, but some bloggers also like themes like Divi or 17 Avenue Themes because they are simple to use.

What Plugins to Install on My blog?

There are plugins you need to install. Watch this video to know all those plugins you should install to take your blog to the next level such as Rankmath SEO, Analytify, XML Sitemap and others. Watch the video fully to understand.


Here is the full list of plugins below you need to install to start with:

0. PopTin: For email capture, Lead Generation, Website forms:

1. Analytify (presents the statistics from Google Analytics in a beautiful way under WordPress)

2. Embed Plus for YouTube (to add YouTube videos to your pages or Posts)

3. “IceGram” Plugin + “Rainmaker ” – (Popup Notifications and Lead capture) – Those two separate plugins

4. Advanced Ads (to implement all kind of Ads on your site)

5. Rank Math Seo (Absolute Best for SEO – Indexes Your WordPress Website on Google SUPER FAST)

6. Reading ProgressBar (to Improve user experience while they read Blog posts)

7. Sticky Menu or Anything on Scroll (To get your menu header to stick while users scroll)

8. UpdraftPlus Backup (to Create Backups for your Website in case anything goes wrong)

9. XML Sitemap (To organize your website structure and notify search engines about your website)

10. Social Share Buttons + Floating Sidebar (to have sticky social media buttons on the side to allow sharing)

11. Magic Post Thumbnail (To automatically create relevant thumbnails for Posts once you hit Publish)

12. WP Optimize (To clean your database, compress your Images for FREE + Cache your website and Make it Super SUPER Fast)

13. WordPress Popular Posts (To display your popular posts on the side as widget – Powerful)

* Really Simple SSL ( to make your site secure or HTTPS – very important)

* Classic Editor.

WordPress recently upgraded its platform to a new system called “Gutenberg”, which is quite confusing not only for new bloggers but old bloggers who are used to having the classic WordPress look. I personally do not like it.

The “Classic Editor” plugin is easy to use takes care of all of this and provides a more seamless experience inside WordPress. 

* Pin It For Button For Pinterest.

Pinterest is an amazing traffic source for so many bloggers out there, so install the button and watch your traffic soar. 

The plugin will enable your blog visitors to pin your content on their Pinterest boards, and it will enable more people to discover your blog coming from Pinterest!

Where to Get Free Photo Stocks for My blog?

There are many resources to get free photos to put on your blog. You need quality images as feature images on your posts, so that people can be encouraged to click when they visit your blog posts.

I recommend that you start off with free stock photo sites and upgrade to a paid site when you’re ready to take your branding to the next level. 

Here are the stock photo sites:

  1. Pexels (Free)
  2. Unsplash (Free)
  3. Canva (Free)
  4. Styled Stock Society (Paid)
  5. HauteStock (Paid)

How to Drive Traffic to your Blog with Quality Posts & Pinterest?

It is important to realize that SEO content undergoes a rigorous pre-publishing process:

Main keyword research → sub-keyword research → Content research and outline → Draft → Editing → Proofreading → Publishing.

If you follow the process outlined above, you will succeed with blogging.

Here are some other tips:

  1. Keyword research is KEY. Find keywords people are already searching for. 
  2. Write blog posts that help solve problems for people. Your audience can have a variety of
    problems: “how to solve my dry skin care issue?”, “how to use uHaul?”, “How to not feel depressed?”… etc
  3. Focus on Pinterest as your main source of traffic by pinning a lot every day. Pinterest has now more than 400 Million people actively searching for solutions and many bloggers use it as a traffic machine on their blogs.

If you don’t know how to get started on Pinterest, I’ve made an in-depth tutorial on how to use Pinterest Like a Pro.

Watch the video below:

As you see from the video, Pinterest is very Powerful if you use it right!

How do I write Blog Posts that generate Huge Traffic?

As a beginner, the very first thing you need to learn is “Proper SEO” for organic traffic. I put together this video that will teach you everything to know to achieve 100/100 score in SEO while writing your blog posts.

Follow the steps and you will rank #1 on Google soon.

My Biggest Advice: Just start posting content out there. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Alternatively, you also have softwares powered with artificial intelligence that are article writers and article rewriters such as Article Forge 2.0 and Wordai 4 that can write unique articles for you. 

Read my reviews of both Article Forge 2.0 and Wordai 4 to see what they can do.

Article Forge 2.0 Video Review: Urgent Message for Bloggers (SEO)

– If you want a 5 days trial of Article Forge, check out this link: Learn More

Wordai VIDEO Review 2020: Is it the Best & Fastest Article Spinner

Learn About Wordai 4 Free Trial

How much time it will take to earn your very first dollar: You can make money as fast as your first week if you rely on paid traffic or as much as 10 weeks to start earning your first dollar.


How to Make Money with your Blog?

Below is a screenshot of how much I earned in Net profits simply promoting 1 affiliate product on my site. Imagine if you promote 100 affiliate products and all convert well => $$$.

affiliate programs commission screenshot

You need to know the multiple ways you can make money with your blog: display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, courses etc.. 

Income Source #1 for Bloggers: Display Ads

There are many ways but one of my favorite ways to earn real passive income as a blogger is to include display ads in my blog posts.

All you have to do is just write high-quality blog posts that people want to read.

When your readers come to your post, you make money by viewing or clicking on the ads. You will triple your income if you use platforms like EZOIC  (if you have more than 10,000 monthly sessions on your website).

Read my full review of Ezoic to know how to apply and setup properly to max your earnings.

In short, display ads is when you get paid for how many people see ads on your website. A good RPM (revenue per thousand views)
is $9 to $30, depending on your niche. 

As your traffic grows, your income grows too.

Income Source #2 for Bloggers Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you promote other people’s products and services, then receive a commission from it (large or small).

The commission typically ranges from 3 to 10% if you use Amazon Associates, but other platforms like Clickbank or ShareASale allow you to earn up to 40-100% for digital products.

I mention some platforms below that you can use to start promoting or reviewing products and earn money now!

Most successful bloggers make sometimes 80% of their income from affiliate marketing. 

I showed you a screenshot above of how I was able to make good money on my second-month blogging promoting one affiliate product on PayKickStart Platform.

Also Read: Best High paying Affiliate Programs

Absolute Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website 

You need to be patient with blogging, but it is a sure way in the long-term to earn passive income. A year from today, you may have a very successful blog and a small company.

Some bloggers that are full-time, make $80K/month just from affiliate programs, but it took them years to get there.

The issue is that most people get discouraged easily when starting a blog because it can take a few weeks before you earn your first dollar.

How to START A BLOG in 2021 (Ultimate Beginners Guide) 1

Here is a good tip for beginners:

Focus on affiliate marketing at the beginning of your blog. Affiliate marketing is how many make their first $1500 per month from blogging and it’s easy to apply to different networks.

Even though most affiliate marketing networks don’t require your blog to have very high traffic, I recommend creating at least 5 blog posts
just to show the network your commitment as a blogger. 

Income Source #3 for Bloggers:  Sponsorships

11 Money Rules You Need to Have Memorized Before You’re 40 

Sponsorships are amazing to monetize your blog as a beginner. Some platforms that connect bloggers to brands are IZEA, BlogFoster, Activate, HerCampus. 

Sometimes when your blog gets popular, brands reach out to you.

Also, if you are famous on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even TikTok, you can reach out to brands and partners.

Income Source #4 for Bloggers:  Selling your own Products and services

If you have an online course, you are a coach or consultant, you can also create listings of your products or services on your site and let people know that you are selling those, and they will buy if they trust your new blog.

You can host your courses on platforms like Thinkific, Teachable, Click4Course, Kajabi and Learndash. I highly recommend Thinkific for that purpose.

How do you start a blog and get people to read it?

You need to focus on creating long-form useful content that Google will rank, then it will start driving traffic organically. Your next strategy will be to focus on building an “Email list”. 

Building an email list allows you to notify people when you post a new article or when you have a new product to sell.

I showed you in a video above two free WordPress plugins that allow you to capture leads on your site (Icegram and Rainmaker).

My Content Creation Process

Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, Startup, People 

The guidelines are the ultimate process you can follow to cut down my writing time by a lot.

1. Pick a Topic

For a website to be recognized as an authority site in a niche, the topics you write about must be well-related to each other. 

With SEO, you can’t just write about anything that comes to your mind. You need to have a niche and stay consistent and relevant, and it will allow you to be recognized by Google as a go-to resource on that particular topic.

TIP: All the best niches to write content about that have high CPMs are wealth, health, business, entrepreneurship, technology, and relationship/love niche.

2. Deciding on the word count.

In general, Google prefers longer content but that isn’t always true. Google still picks quality, user intent focused content over long, useless ones.

So you have to decide on how many words you need to achieve the main goal of leaving a clear message.

Although there’s no absolute number to follow in terms of word count, I have observed that most articles on the first page of Google are high-quality but long-form (usually above 3,000 words).

Tip: “Type in your keyword of interest on Google, look at the top-ranking pages, and see how long their contents are. When you write your own content, you want to follow that length plus add a few more paragraphs.”

3. Creating an outline.

Having an outline will save your life and time as a writer. Without an outline, expect to have an output that’s far from what Google will notice.

Your outline is the skeleton of your content. Don’t just start typing without clearly finding out the titles of the sections or sub-sections.

TIP:  Find what people are already asking Google and write about them. Use the questions Google shows you people are searching and create subsections.

Google’s “People Also Ask” (Related Questions): What Are They, and Why You Should Care 

Here are other things you need to consider when writing your posts:

  • Improve the user duration on your site: If they stay longer, Google will think that they read the entire page compared to if they leave right away.
  • Link to internal articles and external articles: If users click on something, that meant they like you enough to check out your recommendations or your site’s other pages.
  • Ask people to share your posts at the end:  When readers link back to your website or share it on social media, it means they trust you and they believe what you’re saying.

All those factors will push Google to rank your site higher and higher.

The ULTIMATE TIP: How do you Start a Blog for Free (Create Unlimited Free Blogs)

If you have purchased the “PLUS plan” on Bluehost that is $5.95/month, you will be able to create unlimited domains or websites.

This video below is a Step by Step guide on How to start a blog for Free from scratch if you are a beginner or pro, and Create Unlimited Blogs or Websites using a specific TRICK!

I also show you how I install my theme, make my blog go “Live” from under construction. I show you all the details you need to start a successful blog that makes money.

Click to Watch! 


As you can see in the video, I am able to create unlimited blogs with Bluehost for FREE and after driving enough traffic, I will start monetizing all of them.

There is no excuse for you! You need to start your blog now and share your knowledge with the world for just $3.95/month.

Get Started with Bluehost Today & Make Money!

If you want to fully learn SEO for Free, I put together a 1-Hour Full course (FREE) on this website to guide you through all the tips and basics about SEO to be successful as a blogger.

Here it is: SEO For Beginners: Best SEO Tutorial to Rank Higher on Google


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